Elements of change

Life brings with it many challenges, and the more we are able to positively embrace change and look for opportunities, the more this enables us to schieve our goals. Change might not come easily and our goals will change, but my advice is to try and train your brain to look for positives and then start to embrace change as another way of helping to keep you moving forwards in life.

To be successful in bringing about change, there are some questions you need to ask:

  1. What change do you want to make?
  2. What is your driving force for the change, and HOW will you benefit?
  3. Do you have the motivation, resources and knowledge required ?
  4. Where can you get help ?
  5. Are there any barriers that might prevent this change?
  6. Is the investment you are going to make going to be worth it? eg, time, money, emotions.
  7. Is trhis change going to be sustainable for you longer term?

To help you get started, I suggest using a vision board of what you are aiming for and include any actions you need to take to help you on your way. A vision board must use images, as this helps send messages to the subconscious to start looking for opportunities rather than taking on a sabotage role.

Also, I know through experience that writing down your goals and creating motivational statements that you can use on a daily basis. Think about the resources and/or support that you will need-even encouragement from friends can be invaluable.

Try to break down any goals into small, achievable bite size pieces-and remember to congratulate yourself on every small achievement that you make- these are extremely important in maintaining steps towards the end goal, as reinforcement is essential.

Now, if you are looking at changing a behaviour, it is key to look at ways to avoid temptation-but if you do (which is common) don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t give up. It is a minor hiccup. The key to success is not to let setbacks undermine your self-confidence, and to acknowledge that you have done the best that you can at this point in time. Thn reflect what triggered the lapse and if there is anything you can do to avoid that trigger in future. You may want to start again looking at motivation for change and return to the previous questions .

I hope there has been something that has triggered a spark in this blog, retraining your brain can be the first step to making a positive change in your life. Don’t forget the Law of Attraction, which states that the power of the mind can translate out thoughts into reality.

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