Marketing with Compassion

The word marketing fills most people with dreard, but it really is just communicating with people, identifying their need and showing how you can help.

‘Helping beats Selling’

If you are still unable to work hands on with your clients, do keep the momentum going with regular communication, gently supporting your clients. Put your self in their shoes of your client demographic, what would you want to see and hear from your business right now?

Include ideas fro self-care; tips you have researched on home-based exercise, online theattr and concerts they could stream. maybe a new meditation you have discovered or something uplifting to read.

Continue to build integrity for your business; share any volunteering you may have done in the lockdown in your local community, with the NHS, or raising money for a good cause.

Add in some tips for hand reflexology or any treatments you can offer from a distance, but otherwise stay clear of advertising your treatments. Keep in mind what people ‘need’ right now.

Keep communicating, reminding your clients that you are there even if they are not attending treatments at the moment. They will remember the support you have given them when they are ready to come back to you.

When you feel ready and are able to start hands-on work with your clients again, the most important thing is to emphasise with how your customers are feeling. The majority of people will probably be feeling fragile, exhausted, nervous and stressed to name but a few, and some may still not feel ready for face to face contact. We need to keep this in mind with our communication, continuing to reassure our clients with the information they need.

*Continue to offer the support that you havre done during lockdown.

*Start to advertise the treatments that you are able to offer.

*Add a promotional offer on your focus treatment to get the ball rolling.

*Focus on the clients you have already, rather than trying to attract new business. Remember the Pareto principle, the 80/20 rule; 20% of your clients bring in 80% of your business- it is these loyal clients who will keep your business going.

*Send a follow-up email a few weeks later to reassure more hesitant clients that everyone enjoyed their treatments, and you have all your processes in hand. Add a video tour of your treatment room as you explain the changes you have made to keep everyone safe.

*Use Facebook and Twitter to publish information based on the ideas above to start increasing your following.

*Created a mailer and send it to any contacts you have from case studies, friends and family and ask them to forward it on to their friends too.

*Register with Google My Business, Bing and Linked In and set up a Facebook buisness page.

I absolutely beleive that the right people will come to yoiu at the right time, and there are plenty of clients out there for everyone, so pugt in the groundwork now !

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