The Metamorphic Technique and Grief

The Metamorphic Technique is not a therapy, but a simple technique whch involves the practitioner using a light touch on the fee, hands and head. The areas touched are those found to reflect the pre-natal pattern-the time when our current characteristics were first established.

The practitioner is not responsible for any transformative responses which might take place within the recipient as a result of receiving a session, and he or she does not employ any intention to direct their life force energy in any way ( as they might in reflexology, healing, Reiki, etc.). Gaston St. Pierre, the founder of the technique, defined it as simply being the practice of detachment; providing the recipient of a session with an environment fre from direction, interference or pr-conceived ideas. Because of this, the practitioner doesn’t need to know anything about the person, no initial consultation is required and, crucially, no claims are mase for the technique.

The Metaorphic Technique is suitable for all and despite no claims being made for it, people reported anecdotally many and varied benefits. These range from the physical to mental and emotional benefits.

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Liz Flynn MAR

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