So let us consider our possibility for bringing relief to those who suffer from arthritis, neuritis, rheumatism, etc, all of which may have a common cause, depending to a great extnet upon the chemical type of patient.

Much is being said and written at the present time of help being received by the use of ACTH, a hormone extracted from the pituitary and adrenal glands of certain animals. This is only claimed as helpful, a crutch, we will say, to lean upon to carry the patient over to a time when he will be able to produce from his own glandular system the necessary hormone element, the heat producing energy required by nature to break up and carry away the poison in our system.

If the governor, the pituitary gland, fails to issue certain orders to the adrenal glands, causing them to become confused, then we have a deficiency in the adrenalin secretion, the driving force that keeps the organs of elimination up and doing their duty.

This condition may be the forerunner of a deficiency in thyroid hormone, followed by a faulty or a minus metabolism. With this condition at hand we have a perfect setup for arthritis and kindred ailments, and a picture of what we must correct through our reflex work if we are to be successful in rendering a permanent form of relief.

Now if this relief is forthcoming because we have been able to restore the normal harmony of those glands, more power to us, since we will have reached the cause, for up to the present time the use of ACTH is acknowledged to be only a form of temporary ease and not a cure.

Chronic Invalidism:

It has been my privalege to double check on cases of chronic invalidism where the cause could not be traced to an abnormal physical condition. Instead it was due to an abnormal physical condition. Instead it was due to a distorted mental attitude, such as jealousy, hatred, envy, revenge, etc. This had persistently poisoned the system by upsetting the normal glandular secretions, causing discord and inharmony, like that of an orchestra where the instruments are completely out of tune.

I was given an interesting illustration of this not lon ago froma member of the medical profession who had become very much interested in what i am teaching. During our discussion of the glands and how our reflex work affected them, etc., he said he had heard the duty of the pituitary gland likened to that of an orchestra leader; the thyroid to the first violinist, etc. If these two important members are at odds with each other, out of tune, causing a discord, what kind of music could we expect from others in the group?

Primary Cause.

Now where we can prove that the primary cause is a distorted mental attitude, beyond our power to correct or change in anyway, I find we might work on the reflexes until doomsday without any results.

Change of Mental Attitude.

To change the mental attitude of a patient is not as easy as it might seem, especially with the type who seeks sympathy from some particular source.

The Importance of Better Care of Our Feet.

If people would only realize the importance of taking better care of their feet, we would have less sickness in our land today.

They fail to realize that every corn, callous or bunion, and its location, definately affects some organ or tissue of the body.

Any undue pressure on an nerve reflex will have a definate effect on the organs involved.

How necessary then that we pay more attention to our feet and visit a chiropodist regularly when any abnormal condition takes place in them.

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