The Liver.

The liver is the largest gland in the body. It is located in the right side of the body and weighs about three pounds in a full grown person. Its transverse diameter is about eleven inches, its anterior posterior about eight, and its greatest vertical, five to seven inches.

it is rightly named the “King of the Glands.” It is the largest organ in the body, and has within it at all times, about one-quarter of all the blood in the body circulating through it.

Different Tasks:

The liver must perform many tasks. it manufactures bile to digest fats and prevent constipation; it is a natural antiseptic and purgative; and it helps to supply some of the substances for blood making. The liver stores uo sugar within itself for future uses. It is a great filter, taking the excessive and venomous matter and waste tissues of the body and secreting and forming its own weight normally, or about two pints of bile a day. This goes into the intestines to lubricate and prevent constipation.

How necessary it is that this very important organ should function correctly, which is only possible when it receives the proper circulation.

Sluggish Liver.

When the liver is sluggish and fails to do its work efficiently, we must stimulate the circulation to the muscular tissues controlling the liver and the nerves which cause it to operate.

When we find in the foot a tenderness in the region of the reflex to the liver as shown in Fig.15 and Fig.16, we know the liver is sluggish and failing to function properly.

We also know it lacks the proper circulation and muscular action necessary to keep sending the blood to the particular extremities of the feet with sufficient force to prevent a formation of crystals responsible for this tenderness in these nerve endings, which gradually increases, continuing to impede the normal circulation.

We all admit that as this condition continues over a period of days, weeks, months, and even years, we weaken the normal functions of this great important gland, and the results may be juandice, diabetes, gall stones, atrophy, or not, let me say when you have learned this method you will never be afraid of any case of varicose veins. For with the proper circulation, that congestion will disappear; just so with cramps or pains of any kind in the limbs.

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