Influence of Worry.

Worry is derived from a Saxon word that means to choke. This fits in with the idea we are trying to convey that one can choke off a portion of the normal blood supply to various parts of the body by refusing to stop needless worry.

We are told by some authorities that circulation follows attention. With this in mind a good way to help many unpleasant conditions would be to practice the art of forgetting. A man is what he forgets. The essence of genius is to know what to forget.

How important then for us to realise that if one is full of fear and worry he becomes tense and unable to relax. The circulation becomes partially choked in certain areas, the tiny capillaries in the feet become choked with a crystalline deposit formation, interfering with the circulation and the normal transference of the blood from the arteries to the veins which must take place at those terminals. The result of this is tenderness we encounter when we contact these special reflexes in the feet.

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