Sciatica, what causes it..

The great sciatic nerve supplies nearly the whole of the integument of the leg, the muscles of the back of the thigh, and the leg and foot. It is the largest nerve cord in the body, measuring three quarters of an inch in breadth, and is the continuation of the lower part of the sacral plexus. It passes out of the pelvis through the great sacrasciatic foramen. It descends along the back part of the thigh to about its lower third, where it divides into two large branches, the internal and external popliteal nerves. This nerve can be reached through our work on the feet and on the inner side of the ankle bone where the nerve lies nearest the surface.

What causes Sciatica:

Sciatica is generally accepted as the result of some misplacement along the lumbar region. But we find, too, there can be other causes for this painful malady, such as enlargement of the prostate gland or injury to some other part of the body affecting the sciatic nerve.

After about twenty minutes work on the affected side and ten minutes working alternatively on the other foot, which was also somewhat tender, Mr Rose and in walking around could immediately feel some relief. after several treatments given every third day, there was a decided improvement, especially the day following each treatment. As I became impatient for quicker results, Mr Rose would constantly remind me that his was a case of eight years standing, and that I was already doing more for him than anyone else had done.

Calling to mind the rules of ZONE THERAPY, and the reflex relation of one part of the body to the other as taught by Dr. Fitzgerald, I enquired if he might at any time in the past have injured his shoulder, or arm on that afflicted side. This he heartily confirmed by showing me how impossible it was to raise that arm properly, it having broken and improperly set, then rebroken several times, endeavoring to remedy the first injury. This had happened four or five years before the sciatic trouble had set in.

Question: Could these injured nerves in the shoulder have any reflex action in the hip that could lessen the normal circulation of the great sciatic nerve, or will we say cause a short circuit in some way? We do know something had certainly impeded the circulation, burning off the insulation to cause so much inflammation and disconfort. The extreme tenderness in that foot meant an exaggerated formation of crystals that had gradually been increasing as the trouble continued,

When inflammation of this great sciatic nerve exists, we can readily understand why it would be a most painful and soul-racking disease. But it can be easily relieved by the simple method we herein set forth, if accompanied with persistent effort and a little patience, which is the only way to accomplish anything worthwhile.

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