Set Yourself Free

If you want to be successful in life then strive to become independent, and stop allowing the opinions of others to control you. All your goals and objectives in life should be driven by this quest for independence, and then success will be yours. But, if you sit back and fold your arms, expecting others to fulfill your needs and manage your life, you’ve pretty much set yourself up for failure.

A person who is self-reliant is groomed for success, so start taking responsibility for your life, and stop relying so much on others. Adopt a do-it-yourself approach as best you can to handling life issues, because when it comes to success, there’s nothing sweeter than knowing you’ve done it by yourself, and proving the doubters wrong.

Life is an on-going series of difficult challenges and personal struggles that demand inner strength and initiative. Don’t bow out of the picture, by letting other people FIGHT your battles- after all they are human too, and they probably can’t even help themselves, and have their own challenges- so how do you EXPECT them to help you? But, if you arm yourself with self-confidence and wage war against SELF-DOUBT and in-security, and keep FOCUSED on a time-phased goal, you will prevail over your fears, carrying the Trophy and feeling of success AND satisfaction in hand. We CAN turn it around by changing our thoughts and actions, REMEMBER – every time you get a negative thought- REPLACE it with three POSITIVE ones-and it can happen in a few months- by taking RESPONSIBILITY. So to triumph in the race of life you have to aim, set goals, and cross the finish line on your own, and if there are loved ones at the finish line to greet you, then its a BONUS.

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