The Pituitary Gland and how Reflexology can help.

The Pituitary Gland: This master gland is located at the base of the brain. So we must remember that any congestion in the back of the neck or surrounding area will definitly retard the blood supply and interfere with the normal functioning of this important gland. This condition would not exist if the gland were being supplied with the perfect circulation nature intended it to have.

The pituitary gland cannot be deprived of its life-giving forces, through hypertension ot injury, without disastrous results. This often causes inability to reason normally. Have we not seen emotional disturbances that could be traced to nervous tension whic had impeded the blood supply to this gland?

This poison or debris in the blood stream may be likened to a plumbing system where the drain pipes require the attention of a plumber. He takes the rubber cup with a handle, fills the sink with water, covering the outlet, and starts pulsating, creating a terrific intermittent pressure, freeing the drain of all obstructions. The water begins to flow and the circulation is restored from the use of this rubber pump.

Thus we have shown how important is this method of compression technique, if it can relieve nervous tension sufficiently to create a renewed amount of circulation, by setting up a pulsating system which loosens any crystalline formation of residue from the blood stream, putting it into suspension where eventually it can be eliminated.

Just as stepping on a lawn hose lessens the pressure and supply of water, pressure on nerves will slow down the body functions. Normal nerve force depends upon normal circulation.

Source: Eunice D. Ingham. Stories the Feet Can Tell & Have Told Through Reflexology.

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