To Loosen The Muscles of the Shoulder

We find a large majority of people suffering more or less from a tired feeling across the back of the neck and shoulders. To help releive this nervous tension, press firmly with the knuckles against the sole of the foot while you work to loosen up the cords and muscles across the top of the foot.

These will be extremely tight where the patient is nervous and highly strung. In such case do not neglect to work this part thoroughly on each foot, for it will prove to be a very important factor in bringing about relief from many ailments caused by undue nerve tension.

Working this part of the foot is also very essential where there is a tendency to a broken metatarsal arch. If this condition has existed very long, you must be persistent with this reflex work in order to break up and loosen any calcium deposits which may have formed around the joints which have been misplaced.

If any one or more of the 26 bones of the foot should be misplaced, nature fills in that misplaced joint with a calcium deposit which we can help to loosen and dissolve by this form of Reflexology over the TOP of the foot as shown, and also the twisting movement.

You will readily see how this will help nature to carry away any such foreign matter which interferes with the normal position of the bones.

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