General introduction to emotions in the feet

There can be much to see on a pair of feet at first glance. Hard skin or any other form of difference can of course be due to imbalances in the reflexes due to practical reasons such as stance, gait, weight, infection and footwear, and these should be the first areas investigated.

Secondly, the hard skin could be due to protection of a physically related imbalance at that reflex point. Asking questions about the physical health may unearth issues from a long time ago that your client considers to be ‘over in the past, a long time ago’ yet may still be present as an imbalanced reflex in the feet.

If none of these are relevant, then the potential for emotional imbalances comes to the fore. An awareness of how these show in any area of the key emotional areas may help with unleashing a pent up or withheld emotion, allowing release.

Emotional imbalances may show in certain individuals as:

* Hard skin/callus represents an area of protection.

* Corns are similar to calluses and represent protecting a specific issue.

* Itching skin indicates irritation.

* Rough skin means going through a rough time.

* Damp skin can indicate anxiety but also caould be a detox reaction.

* A verruca can be a deep rooted issue so bad that it is eating away at you.

* Athlete’s foot represents someone getting under your skin, interfering, doubtibng, questioning your ideas and hindering your process (remember it needs treating physically too)

* Blister-someone is rubbing you up the wrong way and you’re coming off worse!

* Dry skin indicates a need for more warmth, nurturing, or love.

* Peeling is about a fresh start or new beginning.

* Oedema or swelling on the reflexes-when an emotion has been pent up for so long that there starts to be an emotional build up.

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