Reflexology – six stress reflexes

Clients often come to see me when they are going through a lot of stress. Here are six key reflexes to work on that help to reduce stress levels along with the possible benefits of treating those reflexes.

Adrenal Glands: helps balance between adrenaline andnoradreniline return to normal more quickly; this results in reduced stress and lower blood pressure.

Spine: encourages a more effecient nerve supply including the autonomic nervous system; this has an effect on stress response, and will rebalance the autonomic nervous system.

Shoulders: many people hold tension in their shoulders; reflexology can help to reduce the tension and free the shoulders and neck.

Thyroid: lowers metaboloism if agitataed..

Liver/pancreas: to rebalance levels of blood sugar glucose converted for fight/flight response

Heart: encourages a more efficient circulation ; this may reduce blood pressure.

We often work on different areas of the spine to help stimulate blood flow to a specific region of the body. Here is an example why we would give special attention to the thoracic spine with a client suffering from emphysema. 


*Reflexology might aid breathing and circulation to Alveoli.

*May increase circulation to the body of available oxygen.

*May maximise use of available alveoli too increase 02 absorption.

*May help the client if the lungs become blocked and uncomfortable when suffering from a cold.

*May help to stimulate blood flow around the body, whioch may in turn help to strengthen the lungs and associated vessels for deeper  breathing.

We must always as therapists remember the importance of working the adrenal reflex to help any condition that involves pain or inflammation because of the release of steroidal hormones from the adrenals. Anyone with eczema we would pay special attention to the adrenal gland reflex to help stress reduction, and may help reduce in inflammation or itching.

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