Diabetes and the foot

Diabetes Mellitus.

This condition results when there is a defect in the production of insulin from the pancreas. Without insulin the body cannot make use of blood sugar, which results in more sugar circulating around the blood than being absorbed into the body tissues for energy. Because of the high concentration sugar in the blood the person is more susceptible to infection, candidiasis and complications in pregnancy. The main symptoms of diabetes are, frequent urination, irritability, abnormal thirst and weakness.

Foot conditions that could result from Diabetes Mellitus.

A client with this condition could experience a loss of sensation, whioch is as a result to damage to nerve endings (neuropathy – nerve damage caused by disease) The following are a list of additional conditions:

* a loss of elasticity of the skin

*brittle, easily cracked or damaged skin

* reduced ability foir the skin to heal,

*excessive sweating,

*poor circulation,

*greater risk of infection (because excess blood sugar creates  favourable conditions for bacteria growth.)

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