Reflexology for you and your baby

Reflexology for you and your baby:

Babies grow and change at an astonishing rate and every month this brings along new and exciting developments. Watching our babies develop brings so much joy into our lives, but these early years can also be stressful at times for both parents and children.

Building reflexology into a baby’s routine can be a perfect way to ensure that a support mechanism is in place for those stressful times as they begin to grow, whether the stress is due to colic or struggling to get to sleep.

Having reflexology yourself can also be highly beneficial. A research study has shown that reflexology improves the quality of sleep in postnatal women, which is always a bonus with a young baby! It also allows you some ‘me time’ after the birth and you may find you get many other benefits as well.

Reflexology for toddlers and young children:

Toddlers and youngchildren love fun and excitement at this time of huge physical, emotional and cognitive growth. However, there is so much going on in their bodies and minds that even at this early age they are prone to feeling stressed.

Common stressors can include potty training, separation anxiety, the birth of a sibling, death of a grandparent or pet etc Reflexology can be a great support at these times. Toddlers aren’t always very good at being able to verbalise (as we know!) what is wrong and stress tends to show up as changes in their normal behaviours such as:

Changes in sleep pattern – this may be trouble getting to sleep or waking in the night

New habits – such as thumb sucking, nail biting or chewing hair

Emotional changes – they may become clingy, withdrawn, sad or angry

An increase in crying or tantrums

Frequent ailments- sucha s headaches or tummy aches

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