Reflexology for teenagers

Many of our teenagers are feeling the stress and pressures of modern living. The Office of National Statistics have looked at adolescents and reported that:

10% of teenagaers are diagnosed with an emotional disorder.

Depression is more likely to occur if high stress levels are present.

The number of teenagers pn anti-depressents is increasing.

Whilst the majority of our teenagers will not have mental health issues, it appears key that they begin to build in coping strategies to help them manage stress, which we can all agree is a valuable lesson to learn early in life! Reflexology could be one such strategy, it can help them to sleep better, feel calmer and improve their sense of wellbeing.

If you think your teenager may benefit from some reflexology, reassure them taht it is not ticklish, that on the whole it is deeply relaxing and some can feel revitalised afterwards, their body will respond as it needs to.

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