Vertical reflexology techniques

Vertical Reflexology Technique (VRT) for the hands and feet was discovered and developed in the mid 1990′s at The St Monica Trust in Bristol which is one of the largest residential care home complexes in the UK, VRT, also known as Vertical Reflexology, describes a method where the dorsal reflexes on the hands and feet are briefly worked when they are ‘weight-bearing’. This is obviously not so relaxing for the practitioner or client, but is compensated by the fact that VRT is applied in this position for a maximum of five minutes only.

The body also becomes much more receptive to healing when the reflexes are under pressure. VRT enhances and complements classical reflexology and should ideally be incorporated into full length conventional reflexology treatments for a few minutes at the beginning and/or end of a reflexology session. However, it has proved to be a brief but powerful tool in its own right for “First Aid” and shorter theraputic applications when a longer treatment is not possible.

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