What are zones?

They are longitudinal lines of the body and lines of energy ascending from the feet to the head. Reflexology is based on Zone Therapy. As we apply pressure to the feet we are working on the basis that stimulating these lines will have a rejuvenation and healing effect on the whole of the body.

We have ten zones, five in each foot, with the big toe as zone 1 through to the little toe, which is zone 5. The fingers link up to the zones in the same way. Zones are distributed up the body like slices and when we work on the plantar aspect of the feet we are automatically working through the whole of the human body.

Sensitivity in one spot on the feet or hands creates an imbalance in the entire length of that zone. For example, working a zone on the foot where the kidneys lie will release vital energy that may be blocked somewhere else in that zone, such as in the eyes.

Zone 1 is the most important zone in the body as it includes the central nervous system, spine and brain. Zone 1 is also different because there are also 5 zones in each big toe and each thumb and 10 zones in the head. In zone 1 we have the pituitary, which is said to be the first gland to be formed at conception and the master of the body’s hormones. Also there are our reproductive organs, which are essential for the continuance of life itself. You will find that when working on zone 1 on the feet this zone will often be the most sensitive. A lot of this sensitivity may be caused by back problems because the spine is found in zone 1.

The principal of Reflexology is to find and work out the sensitive spots on the feet by an alternating pressure of your thumb and sometimes index finger on all areas of the feet. Refinement of pressure and consistent control is important to achieve excellent results.

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